• Dan Hurst

Dan Hurst

  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Vocal Age
    40s – 50s
  • Vocal Tone
    Low / Medium
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A little background on Dan.

Dan grew up speaking English and Spanish. His parents were missionaries in Honduras from the time he was a baby. They had an interesting rule in the house. Whenever there was someone at the house that did not speak English, everyone was to speak Spanish. And generally that meant that about half the time they spoke Spanish. No problem.

So, talk to Dan in English or Spanish and you’ll find him to be totally fluent and unaccented in either language.

Dan’s got one of those big boy voices that TV networks love.  Little children, not so much. On the other hand, his six month old grandson looks at him and growls.


His voiceover career has been most versatile.

You’ve probably heard him on numerous national commercials as the voice of several infomercials such as The Old Brooklyn Lantern, Ice Cream Magic, Remarkabulb, and many others. He’s often used by KFC and Pizza Hut. You’ll also hear him on several auto commercials across the country. One of his specialties is corporate narrations. On occasion he is the live announcer at a sales convention or charitable gala. Oh, and he’s one of the promo voices for Telemundo International.

Speaking of international, almost half of Dan’s work is international, mostly Europe and South America. He’s used by a good number of major corporations such as Volvo, British Petroleum, TransCanada, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Océ, to name a few. Most of his international work is for eLearning projects.

So, yes, Dan stays busy, but not too busy to get out and lose a few golf balls now and then, or run his boat up on a sand bar. And certainly not too busy to take on your next voice project.   Book a session with him today at JoeAudio Productions.