Welcome To JoeAudio Productions.

We are your preferred resource for professional voice talents & audio recording studio services.

We provide voice talent & audio production for advertising, corporate, web, phone/IVR, eLearning, promotional, and other multimedia needs. Our services include audio recording & production, talent casting & booking, mix-to-picture, music search & licensing, sound effect search, and SourceConnect Pro connectivity.

We have all the bells and whistles you expect, and we know how to use them properly to wow you, impress your client, and make your production stand out.

In our nearly 30 years, we’ve produced thousands of spots & campaigns for nearly every product category.  A key element to a successful production is finding the right voice: a voiceover talent to represent your product & speak to your audience.   We’ve built relationships with over 200 professional voice talents from across the nation & around the world to cover every style and tone that you can come up with.   You’ll find experienced professional voices at JoeAudio that are new to your ears & appealing to your audience.

The right voice to represent your product, plus music to support the message, and subtle sound effects to paint the aural picture – these are key elements in a successful production; We know the nuances to put ‘em all together & make a good spot great.

Our Studios.


Our facilities match our production expertise: experienced, proven, and reliable.  Our studios are built around industry-standard ProTools HD digital audio workstations with Waves, Izotope, & Avid processing.   We record, edit, and mix your entire project “in the box”, for fast editing, clean sound, and plenty of “what if we tried this?” options.

Both rooms also offer “mixing-to-picture” sweetening & layback –a final round of audio polish on your video soundtracks.  We’ll make them sparkle, and make sure they match current broadcast & web standards – just have your video producers send us OMF/AAF/QT files from the edit & we’ll do the rest.

SourceConnect Pro connectivity gives you live access to hundreds of voice talent nationwide – you direct, record, and edit your session as if the talent is in the same studio.   Local talents use our collection of Neumann, AKG, and Sennheiser microphones for smooth, crisp reads.  If you can’t make it to the studio, our digital phone patch lets you direct your session from the comfort of your office or favorite recliner.

We feature a large selection of production music from the FirstCom family of music libraries, featuring over 1,000,000 cuts from 21 libraries in any & every style you can think of – we can even create an online account where you can search & save your favorite cuts for your next session.  Our sound effects library features over 75,000 cuts from industry-standard collections like Boom, PSE, Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge, and Network.   Make quick, detailed searches & instantly place the clips right into your project.

Studio tech features

  • ProTools HD systems on Apple Mac Studio
  • Avid Omni & 192 audio interfaces
  • Source-Connect Pro, with Replace & Restore
  • Yamaha 01V96i & Yamaha 02R consoles
  • Waves v14 Horizon software plug-in bundle
  • Additional plugs from Avid, Izotope, Focusrite, JoeMeek, Bomb Factory
  • Izotope Post-Production Suite 7, including RX 10 Advanced Audio Enhancement & Repair software
  • BarbaBatch file format conversion software
  • Neve Portico 5012 mic pres
  • Focusrite Red 8 mic pres
  • Monitoring by Genelec 8330, Adam A7x & Mackie HR824; plus Auratone, NS-10, JBL 4311, & Urei 811B monitoring with Crown amplification
  • Vintage analog signal processing – Urei 1176 (D & H revs), Urei LA-4 (Eddie Ciletti mods), Distressor & JoeMeek VC1
  • Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT recorder/player
  • Tascam CD-401 MKII CD player

Microphone Selection

  • Neumann U47fet condenser mics
  • Neumann TLM67 condenser mic
  • AKG 414 UB condenser mics
  • Telefunken tube mic, with K47 capsule
  • Sennheiser 416, 415, & 815 shotgun condenser mics
  • Sennheiser HMD25 sportscaster headset mics
  • Sennheiser 421 dynamic mics
  • Shure SM5b dynamic mic