JoeAudio has a new website. But what’s in it for me?

That’s a great question, and the answer is clear:

we’ve got lots of great voice talent, and a new & simple way to find the right voice for your next project.

The backstory is definitely worth sharing and begins with an important bit of info:  we are audio producers, not web developers.  The guy that took on a complex role of programmer, designer, and “thinking like we do” is Derek Stoltz, of WebIntense Studios / Chicago.  He did the previous JoeAudio site 5 years ago, and when the time came to bring things to the next level, he was our 1st call.  Fortunately, he answered the phone.

The new website is built around helping you to find the voice you need for your next project.  That meant going beyond the typical static lists of male & female talent, without getting lost in a proverbial cloud of keywords.

We recognize there are 2 basic & common considerations to all talent searches: age & tone, and when coupled with a Male or Female filter, you can quickly narrow down your searches for easy sampling.  Foreign language options are available too, with a growing roster of international talents coming on-board.  Listen online, then download your favorites to bounce around the office for approval.

The best selection of voice talent in the Midwest is now easier than ever to search & sample for your next production.

Begin your next talent search now!Browse Talent


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