‘Plosives, Glottal Stops, and other voiceover noises

The ears of a pro audio engineer are different than most.  Not so much in a “wow, those things look like they belong on a coffee mug” sort of way; rather, the difference is in what else they hear during your voiceover session.

While clients & agency personnel are focused on words, style, inflection, and other performance considerations, an audio engineer is also listening for the “less-than-perfect” nuances of the take:  Popping “P’s”, Thwopping “T’s”, sibilant “S’s”, the light rustle of a the talent’s clothing, plus wheezes, rumbles, and host of other extraneous noises that simply don’t belong.

You can’t always count on the voice talent to pick up on these oddities either: they are just as focused on the performance as you are.

Its always good to have the ears of a pro audio engineer tuned in to make sure the the quality of the read is technically up to par with the perfect take – we’re great at hearing the subtle details you probably don’t.


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